Hundreds of thousands of Canadians will have to find a new way to get their morning caffeine after a recall of a popular coffee maker Thursday.

Tassimo issued a recall notice for over 900,000 machines and two million flavour pods in Canada after reports the machines were malfunctioning and spraying hot liquid.

The single-cup coffee makers are some of the most popular in the country.

"I use it every day," said Tara Campeau, who said she uses it to make hot chocolate with her daughter Willow. "She is right at the height that if it did spray . . . it would be right in her face."

There have been 140 cases of burns in the United States and Canada, coming from a broken disc in the Tassimo that holds the coffee or tea.

Thirty-seven of those were second-degree burns.

"We got a ‘stop sale' notice from the corporation and when that happens we basically pull all the product off the floor, no questions asked," said Canadian Tire manager Brent Coumont, who said he found out last week.

Jessica Uhl said she found out about the recall from a friend and is taking steps to get hers fixed.

"It bothers me a bit that I didn't know and I was using it for two months," she said.

"This morning I registered to get a replacement part for the machine and a replacement package of the coffees. The coffee goes in the garbage and they ask you to replace the part yourself on the machine."

Others said they were going to keep using theirs as they'd never had a problem.

"I'm going to keep on brewing one-cup coffee," said Leah Ayearst. "Mine doesn't have an issue, I never had it spray or anything."

Campeau said they weren't going to change their coffee maker but her six-year-old would be kept away.

"Willow won't be making hot chocolate on her own," the mother said. "If she wants one she can come to me or one of her big sisters."

The machines affected by the recall have either "Tassimo" or "Bosch" on the front and model numbers that start with TAS100x, TAS200x, TAS451x, TAS46x and TAS651.

There's also a "Tassimo professional" version with the model number TAS6512CUL.

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With a report from CTV Ottawa's John Hua