If you only have cash, you'll have to give one of Ottawa’s most popular bakeries and restaurants a pass.

‘Art Is In’ Bakery, in the Little Italy area of Ottawa, has been cashless for more than a week, one of the first businesses in Ottawa to take the plastic plunge.

The reaction has been overwhelmingly positive says general manager Emma Desjardins.

‘It has been 90 per cent positive. Some lower income customers do not have bank accounts, but for the most part our customers understand where we are going.’

Desjardins says the benefits are not just convenience and speed for staff. There have been several break-ins in the little Italy neighbourhood and having no cash on the premises, makes Art Is In less of a target.

“It’s safer for staff and for people working overnight.”

Desjardins says the other benefit is hygiene and cleanliness.

Cards are cleaner than cash.

“When employees aren’t touching cash all day, it’s better for everyone.”

Closing the restaurant each night, is also easier.

“It makes things much better for managers and supervisors during close. They can be working with the team in the front, instead of counting cash in the back.”

Desjardin thinks her restaurant is part of a trend that will see more Ottawa businesses turn away from cash completely.