PETERBOROUGH, Ont. -- Police say they are trying to determine if a Peterborough, Ont., man is dead or if he staged his own drowning to avoid a criminal trial.

Lawrence Prindible, 49, was last seen Sunday in Peterborough, and clothing with his identification was located the next day on the shore of Lake Ontario in Port Hope.

Peterborough Lakefield Community Police say Prindible was to go on trial next week on charges of attempted murder, forcible confinement, aggravated assault, assault with a weapon and sexual assault.

There is also an outstanding surety removal warrant and arrest warrant for breach of recognizance.

Prindible is described as about six feet tall, about 270 pounds, with a heavy build, short brown receding hair, possibly a moustache and beard, and blue eyes.

It is unknown what he would be wearing or if he has a vehicle.

Police want to hear from anyone with information about Prindible's disappearance, or who may have seen him since Sunday.

"We're concerned that this may have been a staged event in order for him to avoid attending court next week," said Staff Sgt. Larry Charmley.

If that is the case, police say they're concerned about how far Prindible will go to avoid detection and that he could dangerous.