Ottawa Police say they shot a dog Saturday after receiving numerous calls about an aggressive dog in Lowertown. 

An officer fired the shot around 4:00 p.m. Saturday in the area of Beausoleil Drive and York Street.

Stephanie Molloy and her daughter, Harley Pilon, were there when the commotion started.

"It was really scary and people were petrified. The dog had no control," Molloy says. "It was running everywhere trying to attack everyone it could see."

Neighbours say the dog was barking and lunging at pedestrians, including a mother pushing her young child in a stroller.

Duty Insp. Mark Patterson says in these situations public and officer safety is paramount.

"When you have a dog that's on the loose, that's not leashed and is being deemed as vicious and is already attacking people public safety is paramount to the public, to our officers so that's why the officer took that stance and discharged his firearm," Patterson says.

Police say the dog’s owner has relinquished ownership and the Humane Society is aware of the incident.

The dog is expected to be transfered to the Ottawa Humane Society tomorrow. The dog is currently in stable condition and is recovering from surgery at a local veterinary clinic.