Ottawa police say they have eight young men in custody after dismantling what they are calling a “home takeover” south-east of the city’s core.

Police say they were tipped off around 5 p.m. Thursday when someone reported a few unwelcomed guests were making themselves at home in someone else’s apartment on Baycrest Drive.

When police arrived one person who lived there was being held against their will. Police will only confirm the victim was not a senior and not related to any of the eight suspects.

Police say the accused were taking over the home in order to carry out criminal activities.  While investigating, officers with the Direct Action Response Team seized two loaded handguns, and undisclosed amounts of marijuana and crack cocaine.

The accused to appear in court Friday morning are:

  • Abdullah Adoyta, 21
  • Ismail Barkhadle, 23
  • Hakim Karod, 23
  • Amin Osman-Ali, 21
  • Abdulaziz Al-Enzi, 26
  • Yonis Barkhadle, 22
  • Yaqoub Ali, 27
  • Mahad Ismail, 21

The investigation is ongoing.