The Ottawa Police Guns and Gangs Unit have seized semi-automatic weapons and fentanyl during a six month undercover investigation dubbed Project Sabotage.

Officers worked with the Gatineau Police, Sûreté du Québec and RCMP to conduct 14 search warrants on Thursday.

They were able to seize 24 long guns, handguns, semi-automatic guns including one that had been modified with a bump stock similar to the type of gun used in the Las Vegas mass shooting.

Along with the guns, officers seized cocaine, close to 100 Fentanyl patches, about 3,000 pills, a drug press and cash.

"This project is unique because it targeted the gun traffickers themselves, known prolific violent offenders," said Chief Charles Bordeleau during a news conference Friday morning.

Staff Sergeant Tim Hodgins, who led the investigation, explained that officers are still working to determine the source of the guns coming into our community.

"We will be conducting a full examination of these firearms seized to determine the sources and if they've been used in previous crimes."

Hodgins said they also gathered intelligence that will help them with investigations going forward.

16 people are facing a long list of charges and police said that 13 of those people have been arrested so far.

Charged in Project Sabotage:

  • Mishaal AlShammiry, 29, of Gatineau     
  • Fahim Sayeed, 22, of Ottawa
  • Anthony Prest-Guido, 23, of Ottawa
  • Nick Menard*, 25, of Ottawa
  • Ozair Rehman*, 26, of Ottawa
  • Akada Bruce, 40, of Ottawa
  • Abdulazziz Al-Enzi, 30, of Ottawa
  • Adel Al-Enzi*, 24, of Ottawa
  • Nima Saberi, 28, of Ottawa
  • Tarentino Dacosta, 24, of Ottawa
  • Dominik Montigiraud, 25, of Ottawa
  • Denis Carriere, 42, of Gatineau
  • Miles Kempffer-Hossack, 20, of Ottawa
  • Osman Kasser, 28, of Ottawa

*Wanted on arrest warrant