OTTAWA -- Ottawa police say one man has been apprehended after a police operation in Centretown Monday afternoon.

Police had been on scene at the Business Inn and Suites on MacLaren Street, near Elgin Street, since the morning. The activity centred around the fourth floor of the hotel, where a window has been broken by a billiard ball.

Police were called to the hotel at around 10 a.m., but visitors from Montreal, who were in the unit directly beside the the fourth floor unit said the commotion started at around 5 a.m., sounding like someone doing maintenance work, followed by the sound of someone throwing up.

By the time police arrived, a gaping hole could be seen in the window of a fourth floor unit.

"He was throwing billiard balls outside. Nearly struck a pedestrian. And a struck a vehicle outside," said Ottawa Police Insp. François d'Aoust.

At first, police weren't certain only one person was inside. A second of MacLaren Street was closed down to cars and pedestrians, but the scene attracted a large crowd of onlookers as tactical officers, armed with long guns were sent in to the hotel.

"When officers responded -- when they attended the hotel room -- the individual made some threats," D'Aoust said. "And indicated that he had barricaded himself."

That's when a plan to use the unique shape of the building, with its third floor roof leading directly to the window of the unit in question.

A smashed window marked the final move by police. The incident was over at around 2:30 p.m.. One man was arrested without injuries and taken to the hospital to be checked out. Charges are pending.