Ontario provincial police have seized more than $120,000 worth of drugs after busting a massive drug ring operating out of Alexandria and Hawksbury, two townships east of Ottawa.

Police say they made a significant seizure of methamphetamine tablets, otherwise known as speed. They also seized a quantity of OxyContin, a time-released pain medication that's commonly prescribed to relieve pain.

At just $8-12 per tablet, police are concerned speed will make its way into schools and students will view it as an affordable way to get high.

"As a parent myself, we're always worried for our kids. This type of drug is very accessible, cheap, very much a concern," said Insp. Yves Dupuis of the Hawksbury OPP.

Project Dover resulted in 147 criminal charges against 20 people from various parts of eastern Ontario.

"Anytime you take one trafficker off the street -- somebody who can sell to another young person to bring them into the drug world -- you've made an impact," said Det.-Insp. Bryan Martin, of the OPP drug enforcement section.

The investigation started last fall after police noticed an increase in drug-use and trafficking in the area.

"Drugs are a problem everywhere, no matter rural or urban, it's a big problem," said Dupuis.

Even Hawksbury's mayor admits drugs are a problem in her town. She says drugs aren't just found in big cities, they're also common in small communities.

"The drug problem in Hawksbury has been around for years, and people whisper about it, and people know it's there," said Jeanne Charlebois.

With a report from CTV Ottawa's Vanessa Lee