The Ottawa Police hate crime unit is investigating after residents in the Bridlewood area of Kanata discovered graffiti sprayed on roads, pathways and vehicles in the Steeplechase and Stonehaven corridor Saturday morning.

Overnight, suspects used green spray paint to draw swastikas and write "white power" in the area. Elk Island Court was hardest hit. Suspects also spray painted license plates of parked vehicles and traffic signs.

"I heard kids at night time and then I looked out the window and saw one kid looking at the cars, but he walked off with his friends," said Bridlewood resident Brett Ziel.

Those who live in the area say the messages come as a shock because the area is very multicultural.

Parents are reminded to be vigilant of their children's whereabouts during the night and take note of reasons their children may own spray paint.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Ottawa Police Service hate crime unit at 613-236-1222 ext. 2466.