Ottawa police say an autopsy has confirmed the body found in the Rideau River on Sunday is first-year Carleton University student Nadia Kajouji.

On Tuesday, the teen's father told CTV News that police privately told him the body belonged to his 18-year-old daughter.

Mohamad Kajouji says police told him his daughter drowned in the river and was wearing figure skates when her body was recovered. Police, however, would not confirm whether or not she was wearing skates when her body was pulled from the river.

Kajouji's death has sparked discussion about whether or not school officials should have disclosed to her parents that she was dealing with depression and seeing school counsellors prior to her March 9 disappearance.

While Kajouji's father says he should have been made aware of his daughter's mental health, school officials say they are bound by strict privacy laws not to do so.

A spokesperson for Carleton University maintains the school did all it could to help Kajouji.

"We've looked through all the different services, everything we've done for Nadia at Carleton University . . . and what we've provided for her and we really feel that we've done everything that we could in Nadia's situation," Suzanne Blanchard, Associate Vice-President for Student Support Services, said on Tuesday.

Kajouji was last seen leaving her dorm room in Ottawa six weeks before her body was discovered.

The girl's father previously told CTV News that police told him his daughter's computer records showed a lengthy e-mail conversation with a woman who planned to kill herself. He said the other woman encouraged his daughter to do the same.

Police would not indicate Kajouji's cause of death but say preliminary post mortem results indicate foul play was not involved.