An Ottawa high school went into lockdown today after a bullet was found on school property.

Ottawa Police confirm an arrest and the recovery of a handgun.

Students at Glebe Collegiate have practised a lockdown.  Today, it was the real thing, as police and a canine unit searched the school looking for a weapon.

It was found on the school property.  This all left students, parents and staff rattled.

Outside Glebe Collegiate, there was a heavy police presence while inside, students were in lockdown, after a bullet was found on school property.

“You wouldn't think Ottawa or a school in the Glebe, you’d find something like that,” says Grade 12 student Frankie Pooley, “It's scary to think about.”

“That's really shocking to hear there was a gun and bullet found,” added Grade 11 student Nancy Szeto.

The gun was found later also on school property, after police had made an arrest.

“Just few minutes ago one of our  officer found a located firearm with ammunition,” Inspector John Medeiros with the Ottawa Police told reporters outside the school, “so that will form part of our investigation and we will be seizing that.”

A video, widely circulated on social media, shows a young man pulling what appears to be a real handgun and a loaded magazine out of his knapsack.  Police won't comment on the video. Parents, many of whom rushed to the school during the lockdown, were horrified.

“There's just so much violence in society,” said a visibly shaken Caroline Miovski, whose daughter attends Grade 9 at Glebe, “It's kind of distressing.  My daughter didn't come home for lunch so that's why I’m here.’

“Never in a million years with our strict gun laws did I think we would have that,” added parent Hassan Moghadam, “It's a bit alarming.”

Students told CTV Ottawa that the young person who was arrested attended Glebe and that he was seen on school property about half an hour before the lockdown started.

Glebe’s principal Steve Massey says students cooperated well, given the circumstances, ““These situations can be troubling for students and staff and for parents.  We have proper procedures to make sure the community is taken care of.”

The school went from lockdown mode, to secure school to shelter in place meaning they could walk around but couldn't leave. Those students outside the school were left to let their imagination run wild.

“For something like this to happen, it's scary,” says Grade 11 student Meaghan McNamara.

Police say at no point was there a threat reported and no one was injured. 

Still, for parents and students, there was clearly that potential.  They'll want answers as to how this happened and reassurances it won't happen again.