Ottawa Police were called earlier today about a possible threat at a south end school.

According to the Catholic school board, several students were concerned about another student at the school. St. Francis Xavier School is on Spratt road just off Limebank.  Students are in grades 7 to 12. The high school didn't go into lockdown and no one was hurt but there was enough concern for the school to issue a message to parents outlining what was happening and what measures it had taken.  While the school won't confirm details, several students told CTV Ottawa that there was a list with students' names on it and that those on the list felt threatened.

“Iknow many students in my class had received the email with the image of this list,” said one student in Grade 11 who asked not to be identified, “specifically a lot of people were scared in regards to this situation.”

The board says school administration did a formal threat assessment and that “the school involved the Ottawa Police Services.  Professional staff have ascertained that the student involved did not intend to be a threat.” Mardi de Kemp, with the Ottawa Catholic School Board said in an email.

The principal of St. Francis Xavier sent out a message to parents as well.

“We continue to work closely with the student and the family, as well as our School Resource Officer and professional staff to ensure the safety of the school and the wellbeing of the children,” the school said.

Some students told CTV that this has left them shaken and that even if these threats weren't acted on, they wanted a stronger response.

“Even if threats were made, even if nothing happened, that should still be taken into account,” said one student.

“You don't know what to think because you know these people or you think you know them,” added another.

The board says “serious consequences have been applied at the school level.”  The school plans to have its Police School Resource officer address the students at an assembly on Friday.