Ottawa police arrested three people and seized over $100,000 in drugs and cash in a street gang sweep this weekend.

They said their Guns and Gangs unit and Direct Action Response Team targeted gang activity in a four-month investigation they named Project ACE.

They seized around $63,140 in drugs including cocaine, meth and oxycontin as well as over $40,000 in Canadian money.

Warrants were issued for nine people, three of which have been arrested, three of whom were not charged and three who are still wanted.

The three in custody are:

  • Adnan Fazeli, 26, of Gatineau.
  • Mohamed Mohamed, 27, of Ottawa.
  • Abraham Bihi, 22, of Ottawa.

The three people still outstanding are 22-year-old Saed Sheikhdoon of Ottawa, 24-year-old Ashley Windebank of Ottawa and 25-year-old Cheryl Metcalfe of Ottawa.

The six are facing various firearms, assault and trafficking charges.

Ottawa police issued an update Wednesday, as they had originally said six people were charged.

However, three of their names were released by mistake and police said they apologized for the error.