PETAWAWA, ONT. -- Eight-year-old Kane Dempsey and his mom say they're "not lemonade people."

Instead, the young Dempsey decided to open a tattoo stand at the end of his Petawawa, Ont. street.

For the past five weeks, the eight-year-old has been selling removable tattoos to anyone who wants one.

There are no set prices; Dempsey takes whatever donation people want to give for his tattoos. He's setting aside half of the proceeds to donate to the local SPCA.

He's keeping the other half for a planned trip to Montebello, Que. next year to attend Montebello Rockfest, he says. He might also buy a new bike.

The stand has proven popular, with Dempsey raising more than $1,200 so far. He and his mom have had to restock their temporary tattoo supply every week.

The stand on Dundonald Drive will remain open through the summer, from noon to 3 p.m. every day the weather is nice.

Dempsey says he hopes to be a tattoo artist when he grows up and says he likes tribal tattoos the best.