People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, known for attention-grabbing campaigns, held an event with scantily clad women outside a Kentucky Fried Chicken in west-end Ottawa Saturday.

The "Lettuce Ladies" clad only in fake lettuce leaves, stopped in Ottawa to offer samples of the company's new faux-chicken soy product as part of a two-week cross-country tour promoting the "cruelty-free" sandwich.

The new menu item ends the group's five-year campaign against KFC Canada in which PETA also convinced the company to change the way it handles its chickens.

"KFC Canada has made the compassionate choice to phase out suppliers who slit birds' throats and scald them to death," said PETA campaigner Nicole Matthews as she handed out samples of KFC's Classic Vegetarian Sandwich at the Wellington Street location.

KFC in the U.S. has not signed on to the changes.