OTTAWA -- Cat owners in Prescott will need to keep their pets on a leash and clean up the poop under a proposed new town bylaw.

The town council in Prescott has tentatively approved a new animal control bylaw that would treat dogs and cats equally.

Under the proposed bylaw, anyone who owns or possesses a dog or a cat must keep the dog or cat on a leash at all times when not on your own property, and prevent it from running free. Pet owners must clean-up any feces on any property, including a public park.

The fine for permitting an animal to run at large will be $110, up from $55 currently. The fine for not licencing your pet in Prescott is $110.

A dog or cat licence will cost the owner $20 for the first year, and $18 to renew annually.

Prescott town council will finalize the animal control bylaw at the next council meeting on Feb. 1.