Call them the pesky PM’s – Prime Ministers that is.

The Ottawa Senators unveiling their newest mascots hailing from Canada’s rich political history. The 10-foot figures made to look like Sir John A. Macdonald, Sir Wilfrid Laurier, Sir Robert Borden and William Lyon Mackenzie King will be featured this season at Senators home games.

The Prime Minister mascots will be made to race during intermissions. They will also visit schools as an educational tool to promote Ottawa and Canadian history.

Election-type signs popping up across the city were linked to the mascots. Many wondering what the signs bearing phrases including “Johnny Mac is Back” and “Lyon King Returns” were all about.

“When I saw those signs, I said all my goodness there's a write-in series of candidates,” says Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson. “So I'm glad they've withdrawn, that's going to take a little pressure of me.”

Watson says this is the only Canadian hockey city where the mascots could work.