There could be some compromise coming to a colour controversy that is taking place in the town of Perth over a storefront paint job.

A month ago Angie Gilchrist decided the outside of Shadowfax Jewelry and Clothing Store needed a facelift. She called a worker to paint the facade orange, purple, and lime green at a cost of $2,500.

Gilchrist said nearly as soon as the job was complete, a town employee stopped in and said the chosen colours broke the town’s heritage bylaw.

“They told me I have 30 days to repaint otherwise they are going to come in and repaint it to fit the heritage palette,” Gilchrist said.

Gilchrist, who feels the colours offered are limited, as well as uninviting, is refusing to repaint at this time.  

At a public meeting on the matter scheduled Tuesday Gilchrist will have 10 minutes to state her reasons why. She is asking community members in support of leaving the colour change to come to the meeting.

The Mayor of Perth, John Fenik, said the bylaw went into effect in 2012 in order to achieve a heritage designation and preserve the heritage buildings, mostly built in the 1870s.

“The Bylaw states that businesses have to conform to certain palettes, certain colours, and when they restore the building they have to do it within a heritage vain,” Fenik said.  

Fenik belives having heritage buildings is what attracts people to the town.  The concern is that by allowing one person to break bylaw regulations that it will set a precedent.

Gilchrist said her storefront always had purple showing, and did not believe what she was doing would be enforced this strongly.

She has started a petition to keep her store colourful. She is also planning to ask that more vibrant colours be added to the heritage palette options.