The "prettiest town in Ontario" will have a new police force as of this Saturday.

Perth Police will sign off and the OPP will officially take over patrolling the streets.

Sgt Richard Crowe and 12 of his Perth Police colleagues will be sworn in as OPP officers April 6th.

'We've worked very closely with OPP for year. They assist us many times, we assist them many times. This is like formalizing a a relationship that always existed," said Sgt Crowe.

Perth Mayor John Fenik says it was a difficult decision to disband the local police force.

Fenik says transferring to the OPP will save the town of  Perth $750 thousand a year.

Many Perth residents say they're sad to see their local police force disbanded.

Perth Police was first established in the town 160 years ago.

It's just one of several municipalities in Eastern Ontario that is switching over to the OPP.

The city of Pembroke's change over is set for July.