OTTAWA -- A photography contest aimed at people living with disabilities will showcase their art in a unique way, and go on to help others in thinking in new and creative ways.

Nicole Flynn has a passion for photography, which started when her grandfather gave her a camera.

"I was so fascinated by (the) picture. There’s a drip from my brother’s paddle, and it drips onto the surface of the water and there’s a ripple effect. So, I took the picture," Flynn tells CTV News Ottawa.

She’s not only the CEO of her own photography business, but she’s also a consultant with an organization called People Minded Business.

"What’s interesting to me the most is to hear people’s stories, and how they deal with their challenges," says Flynn.

"People Minded Business works with helping human service organizations across the province of Ontario, as well as nationally or internationally,” says Janeen Halliwell, President and principal consultant of People Minded Business.

"Organizations come to us when they have a problem to solve or an opportunity that they want to pursue, but - get to very innovative results."

It’s that innovation which has led to a photography contest for people living with disabilities.

"I hope this project will enlighten people, educate them about people with disabilities so that they see them and acknowledge them as talented and contributing members of our society," says Halliwell.

Fifty-two images will be selected, and the winning artists will be paid for their photography, as well as have their pictures printed on a deck of cards. The cards will be used by various agencies to spark creativity, says Halliwell.

"Once the people around the boardroom table have exhausted the usual top-of-mind ideas that come up, we lay out these photos; and, by looking at them, their brain starts to stimulate and make some cool connections," said Halliwell.

The pictures can be anything creative; nature, people, animals, objects, even something abstract. Flynn suggests to have fun, but her most important tip is to;

"Take your camera everywhere with you, I emphasize, everywhere! And also, connect with your emotions, your inner emotions - what comes out of it."

If you’d like to pre-order the deck of cards, click here.

The deadline to enter the contest is 11:59 p.m. on May 16. Rules, details on how to enter, along with photography tips can be found here on the People Minded Business website.