Fudge fans in Fitzroy Harbour are fretting.

After 25 years a local landmark, Penny’s Fudge Factory, is closing its doors.

It started out as Penny’s Place – a gas bar and convenience store. But the owners converted it into a full-time fudge shop years ago. Over 50 varieties of fudge are made right behind the counter.

Judy Gravel, the “Penny” behind the name, says she and her husband haven’t had a summer vacation in 25 years. It’s time to retire while they’re still healthy – a decision she calls “bittersweet.”

They’ve put Penny’s Fudge Factory up for sale, but so far they haven’t had any bites. “Someone may come in at the eleventh hour and say I want to do it. But right now it doesn’t look like that,” says Gravel.

Without a buyer, Penny’s Fudge Factory will close its doors for the final time on October 13th.