After more than a century of patrolling the streets, Pembroke's local police force has been disbanded after city council voted to have the Ontario Provincial Police monitor their community instead.

"We're proud as a 134-year service," said Const. Scott Wood of the Pembroke Police Association. "Unfortunately a decision has been made to be contracted by the Ontario Provincial Police."

Pembroke Mayor Ed Jacnyo says folding the local police force is expected to save $2.4 million over the next three years.

"It boils down to finances basically," said Jacnyo. "And most of the taxpayers, even though they do like the tradition, look at the bottom line."

Some residents say they worry the decision will result in longer wait times for people calling 9-11.

"You don't want to be cutting corners," said Stacey Kennedy. "I hope that's not what they're doing."

"Policing isn't what you'd want to save money on."

Pembroke police will have an opportunity to reapply with the OPP.

With a report from CTV Ottawa