A Pembroke lawyer is under investigation for professional misconduct after allegations about missing money. The Law Society of Upper Canada is looking into it and so are the police. The law firm of Kenneth J. Conroy and Associates is no longer operating in Pembroke. It is believed lawyer Ken Conroy is no longer in town but he is certainly the talk of the town.

Cobden resident Julie Wright has taken on a second job in order to make ends meet. She works full time at a restaurant and now does dog grooming to help pay the bills

 “I am basically just living day to day off my paycheques,” she says.

Wright was going through a bitter divorce and hired Pembroke lawyer Ken Conroy to handle the settlement. She says when her settlement was done, she was short nearly $100,000. 

“I called police immediately,” says the diminutive woman, “the police said they were already aware of it and had moved up to higher inspectors because it was out of range of most police officers to do an investigation of this magnitude.”

Wright also contacted the Law Society of Upper Canada.  In a statement to CTV, the Law Society said "it cannot confirm or deny whether a complaint has been received, or if it is investigating any specific matter, unless and until the matter results in a regulatory hearing."

However Conroy's law firm on Pembroke Street East is no longer operating out of the building.

According to a document on the Law Society’s website, the Law Society was appointed, by order of the Superior Court of Justice, as trustee of the professional business of Joseph Gordon Kenneth Conroy in August of last year. The law society took over the practice and took possession of all the property related to that practice.  In October, Conroy signed an undertaking not to practice law in Ontario.

CTV spoke with another client of Conroy's who alleges they too lost $100, 000.

 Julie wright's son believes there may be many others in the same situation.

“I spoke with the police investigator,” says Mike Dunbar, who has moved back home to help his mother, “and they said the scope and scale is so big they can't put it in words, it's in the thousands of thousands of dollars.”

Attempts to try to reach Ken Conroy today were unsuccessful.  But in his undertaking to the Law Society, he denies any wrongdoing.

Julie Wright has applied to the law society for compensation. She is hoping she may get some of her money back but says she will have to keep her two jobs until she does.

 Ontario Provincial Police would not agree to an interview with CTV but they did confirm they have received three separate complaints so far regarding allegations of missing money.