Emotions were high in a manor park rental complex today as crews removed patio furniture, stones and even flowers from residential lots.

Residents of the Manor Park Estates gathered on Brittany Drive Friday to watch management remove and dismantle years of hard work. 

"It's hard. It's really hurting me and we've spent a lot of money and we can't do anything about it," said Gabrielle Godin.  "We're on a pension."

Godin and her husband, Gilles, moved into the area 19 years ago. The couple had always wanted a patio and a white picket fence, so they asked permission and put one up.

"I enjoy the weather. I enjoy my life outside," said Gilles Godin. "That's why I moved here." 

Residents said a "final notice" note appeared on their door earlier this week . The undated note urged all residents to remove their B-B-Q's, tables, fences and other outdoor items before Friday at 9:00 a.m. or they would be removed by management. Neighbours said similar note was issued last year but no action was taken. 

An official with the management company says the clean-up was meant to make the neighbourhood nicer for everyone. According to Asgar Ally, the head of maintenance, some of the properties had become "eye-sores" filled with "clutter and junk."

"We just need our property to be nice, clean and tidy. That's all it is," said Asga Ally, head of maintenance at the Manor Park Estates. 

"Check everything on Brittany Drive. Everything we cleaned up today was all junk." 

Residents said they never received a first warning and were not aware of any cleanliness issues on their properties until a final notice appeared on Wednesday. One woman's house with a floral display was even used as a promotional image for the Manor Park Estates.

Ally, however, said residents were given written notice two weeks ago and had ample time to remove their outdoor items themselves before the management company stepped in.