Gobbler the parrot caused owner Mary Brown a rude awakening Sunday morning in Brockville.

The 30-year-old nurse had just gone to bed after a night shift when her 29-year-old macaw started squawking. What Brown didn't know is that the button on her apartment intercom was stuck, broadcasting Gobbler's noise to the street below.

To passers-by, the squawking sounded like a person in distress. They called the police. The police couldn't rouse anyone so they broke down the door. Brown thought it was a home invasion and almost called the police... on the police!

The mix-up was soon sorted out. Mary Brown is getting her door fixed. The police officers are getting plenty of ribbing at the station.

And Gobbler keeps on squawking, unaware his squawk is now the talk of the town in Brockville.