Paramedic service in Cornwall is partially limited today as municipal workers begin strike action.

CUPE Locals 234, 3251-01 and 5734 walked off the job at midnight to back demands for a new contract. The unions represent “outside” workers, library staff and Cornwall paramedics.

CUPE National Representative Alison Denis says there have been no talks since negotiations broke down on Tuesday between CUPE and the City of Cornwall.

The Paramedics’ right to strike is partially limited by an essential services agreement between CUPE and the City of Cornwall, which is a requirement of the Ambulance Services Collective Bargaining Act.

CUPE says three ambulances will be on the road during the day, and two on duty at night during the strike. There are normally nine ambulances on the road during the day. 

Denis tells CTV Morning Live the main issues in the dispute are wages, and concessions the City of Cornwall is asking for in talks. Denis would not elaborate on the concession demands.

No new talks are scheduled.

In a statement on Wednesday, the City of Cornwall said it was “making provisions to continue operations during any work stoppage. However, in the event of a strike, there will be impacts to a variety of municipal services."