Eva Fowler plays a mean game of bridge. With the help of a walker, she can make her own way to the card table and expertly deal the next hand. “I’m pretty good, too. I would take you on,” she laughs.

That wouldn’t be remarkable except for the fact that, on Sunday, Eva Fowler turns 105.

Fowler was born in Saskatchewan on November 10th, 1908. She’s lived through two world wars, long outlived her husband, and has spent the past five years charming the staff and fellow residents at the Redwoods Retirement Home in Ottawa. She is sharp, happy, and relatively healthy. “Well, I have little things like everybody else. My sore neck right now,” she says.

“I’ve certainly looked after many people her age and her functional skills are just incredible,” marvels the Residence’s Director of Care, Kim Hallarn.

In many ways Fowler is a text book centenarian. She never smoked, drank moderately, ate sensibly – including lots of vegetables, and found great enjoyment in life. More importantly, longevity runs in her genes. Both her parents lived well into their eighties, an impressive lifespan back in their day.

But when asked, Eva Fowler credits her longevity to something else – omega 3. She takes it with every meal, three times a day. Do that, she says, and you’ll live to be 105. “Sure will. Maybe more.