Dana Truelove is thanking the kind-hearted strangers who helped her find her missing dog, Emma. Truelove adopted Emma, a black lab mix, from a rescue shelter in January, 2015 and says her pup frightens easily. On Friday, June 26th, 2015 Truelove was out walking Emma, when she says something spooked the dog, sending Emma off into the streets of Sandy Hill.

“I was putting her leash on a chair and I was about to sit on the chair. It was like one second of my life, I was about to sit, one noise spooked her and that was it,” says Truelove.

Truelove says she thought she would never see her dog again, until some strangers started giving her hope. “She could have been anywhere, we had no idea and absolute strangers were stopping and saying OK, I will look this way and you go that way and I’ll get my car and I’ll get my bike and it was unbelievable.”

By piecing together tips from strangers Truelove says Emma took off from the Sandy Hill neighbourhood before travelling down Bank Street, where she was seen veering in and out of traffic. Emma then found her way into the Glebe neighbourhood and somehow ended up on her owners porch.  

Now Truelove wants to thank all of the people who stopped to assist her in finding Emma. “From the bottom of my heart I want to thank the people who helped, she means everything to me,” says Truelove.