OTTAWA -- An Ottawa woman, who has put one foot in front of the other in the wake of her father's tragic death, has run further than she could have ever imagined.

Diana Devine’s dad was killed on the job 16 years ago, and her tribute to him every year since is amazing.

"I’m going to do a marathon," says Devine. "I’m going to raise money for my dad."

Devine's drive to remember her dad has no limits. In August 2005, 65-year-old Rico Iannucci was killed working on a construction site behind the Library of Parliament on Parliament Hill.

"He was operating a backhoe and for some reason it went into gear and he ended up going over the cliff behind the embarkment," says Devine.

Devine wanted to do something to bring awareness to workplace tragedy, so she turned to marathons and charity.

For the past 14 years, Devine has been lacing up her shoes and running a marathon every year for the organization Threads of Life

"They sounded like a great organization because they helped other families like mine," says Devine.

Since then, she has raised $35,000. Funds go towards supporting families who have been affected by a workplace injury, death or sickness.

"Diana is an extraordinary lady," says Scott McKay, director of partnerships and fundraising at Threads of Life. "She is helping to ensure that Canadian families dealing with workplace tragedies, heal."

Her biggest supporter is her husband Barry. 

"I’m extremely proud of her. She’s my hero," says Barry. "It’s been her therapy. It’s something that she used to get over the loss of her father."

This Friday, Diana will be running her 18th marathon dedicated to her dad and other families that have gone through the same thing.

"I just want to raise awareness for workplace safety," says Diana. "And I don’t want accidents like this to happen. I don’t want tragedies to happen. I don’t want illnesses to happen. I’m one person. But if I can make a little bit of a difference or if one person hears my message and they’re that much safer at work, I’m happy."

Anyone interested in donating can click here to support Diana and her marathon.