An Ottawa woman alleges that some Uber drivers are taking advantage of inebriated female passengers by claiming $150 seat-cleaning fees over urination incidents that never happened.

Crystal Grierson, 29, says her Uber driver falsely accused her of peeing on the seat after a recent ride, which resulted in an unexpected $150 cleaning charge on her bill the next day. She said the incident took place last Wednesday after she had a few glasses of wine and called for a ride home.

“I took an uneventful Uber ride home and in the morning I woke up to an email from Uber that claimed that I had urinated in the backseat of the Uber car,” she told CTV Ottawa.

Grierson says it’s a “disgusting accusation” that is absolutely not true. She disputed the charge and was recently issued a refund, but she says she’s not the only woman who’s had this happen to her.

She says she’s heard from three other women on social media who have also been hit with erroneous cleaning fees for alleged urination.

“I think they’re profiling women who they don’t think are going to speak up about it, and it seems to be a trend,” Grierson said. “It’s a quick way to make $150 for them. Just put a little water on the back seat and then you’re in for the money.”

Grierson said in a Facebook post that she’s “feeling pissed” about the incident, because she was an “avid user of Uber.”

Two similar cases have occurred in Toronto, and others have been reported in various cities in the U.S.

Uber initially stood by the driver involved in the incident with Grierson, but has since issued her a refund.

With files from CTV Ottawa