As Hurricane Irma continues on its path of destruction, there are families in the capital desperate to connect with loved ones in the Caribbean.

Joania Burnett has been unable to reach her family on the Virgin Island of St. Thomas, since Wednesday.

“Right now conditions there are very grim, they were hit very hard and most of the roads are impassable with trees down, and there’s no power of the island.”

Burnett is looking to hear from seven people, including her partner.

“I just need a call to say I’m alive,” she said. “When you look at the videos it reminds you of how small you are, and really that you have no power – that’s the worst part, I’m powerless.”

When Burnett last spoke to her partner, he told her everyone was preparing for the storm. Hurricane Irma tore through the Virgin Islands hours later, leaving heavy damage.

While the search for any victim’s continues, Burnett said a second powerful storm is threatening the area. Now she not only wants to hear her family is okay, but that they are prepared for the second storm.