An Ottawa woman is raising concerns with UberEats after the driver assigned to her order had a misleading profile. 

In January Brittney Palmer ordered UberEats and was told a female driver, Rayna, would be delivering her order. Instead, an older man who would not give his name, showed up to her door with her order. 

"He goes oh this is just my profile and I said that isn't you," Palmer told CTV News. "You are an elderly man who is here to deliver my food when the photo is clearly a young female. He said it's O.K. and then he left."

So surprised, Palmer complained to Uber and demanded an explanation. 

Uber wrote back saying "We understand that you would have safety concerns when this information does not match who delivers your food," the statement to Palmer back in January read. "I have taken note of your feedback regarding the delivery partner for our team to be aware of the issue and rest assured that appropriate actions will be made."

But that feedback appears to have landed on deaf ears. 

Palmer, still concerned about the company's safety and screening protocols for drivers, ordered UberEats again on the weekend of March 10th. The same male driver, with the same deceptive profile, was assigned to her order. 

"Clearly they are not dealing with that issue and when you are paying extra for a delivery service with a photo of the driver you want it to turn out that way," she said. "What's wrong with your record that you need someone else's photo to get hired." 

On Uber's website it says driver profile photos must be "clear and visible" so customers know who to expect. It tells prospective drivers to take a photograph of themselves with a clean background, without a hat or sunglasses on and to ensure that the image is not blurry. 

Palmer said she hopes that by sharing her story Uber will look into these misleading profiles and ask drivers with inaccurate photos to fix them. She doesn't want anyone else to be misled. 

"After this I will no longer use Uber or UberEats," Palmer said.