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Hamid Alakozai

  • Top Priority: My top priority with my skills and background is to bring prosperity into the City of Ottawa. This will allow us to keep property taxes low, and bring improvements in the area of healthcare from the City point of view, I.e. improve transportation into the Hospitals, and also bring improvement in other projects in the City that different communities are in need of.
  • Hidden gem in Ottawa: My hidden gem is for Ottawa to be brought on to the international stage as a world class role model of a National Capital City. I want to link the City of Ottawa with the richest nations capitals across the world, where the richest nations can benefit from our brainpower and also we can benefit from them. This will bring job opportunities into the City that are good for the economy and long term business opportunities for the national capital of Canada.

Ahmed Bouragba

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  • Top Priority: Reduce up to 4% property taxes, eliminate dictatorship and institutional bias, promote social justice and provide adequate services.  
  • Hidden gem in Ottawa: Good people and fresh air as I live in the country.

Bernard Couchman

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Clive Doucet

(No response from candidate)

Joey Drouin

  • Top Priority: To start the conversation about how we can better run this region by unifying Ottawa and Gatineau under a one-city governance model
  • Hidden gem in Ottawa: Meat Press

Ryan Lythall

  • Top Priority: My top priority for this election is to raise awareness about wheelchair accessibility, and issues regarding people with disabilities.
  • Hidden Gem in Ottawa: I’m a resident of Centretown. In my community, I consider the Rideau Canal a hidden gem. I consider the canal to be a hidden gem because I feel that more could be done to showcase its beauty, and draw more people to it.

Craig MacAulay

  • Top Priority: I’m hoping to convince voters to elect a council that will work for the ENTIRE community, not just for professional politicians and their wealthy donors.  We need honest SQUEAKY-CLEAN representatives who are not beholden to the developers and other insiders.
  • Hidden Gem in Ottawa: Bells Corners. It sometimes gets a bad rap. But if the cut-through commuters from the suburbs were to slow down a bit and venture off the sad commercial strip they’d see what an amazing community it is: easy access to the AWESOME Greenbelt trails, affordable housing (unless you’re low-income), TONS of minimum-wage jobs if retail is your thing, lucrative contracts in the “defence” industry or at the Fitzgerald federal government complex, and much more!

Bruce McConville

  • Top Priority: A.C.T. = Accountability + Consultation + Transparency at City Hall. 
  • Hidden Gem in Ottawa: - Ottawa University Professor Tim Aubry - We Now Have Everything In Place To Adopt Housing First And Reduce Homelessness And Increase Affordable Housing.

Michael Pastien

  • TOP PRIORITY: Rightly exposing the Citizens of Ottawa to beyond the box, big picture, infra visionary fiscal realist transparency how my exponentially superior, diverse entrepreneurial career accomplishments will benefit them with myself as their pragmatic CEO Mayor!
  • Hidden gem in my ward:  I recommend that everyone in the world discover beautiful Rideau Falls!

Moises Schachtler

  • Top Priority: Paint a clear picture of Ottawa for voters, not as it is but as it will be when elected.
  • Hidden Gem in Ottawa: Behind the Supreme Court of Canada.

James T. Sheahan

(no response from candidate)

Jim Watson (Incumbent)

  • Top Priority: My top priority for the City is to see the launch of the Confederation Line of our Light Rail Transit system, followed by the start of construction on Stage 2 LRT, which will bring rail farther east to Trim Road, farther west to Moodie Drive and Algonquin College, and farther south to Riverside South and the Ottawa International Airport. In intend on working with the new Council, the community and the other levels of government to lay the groundwork to bring LRT to Kanata-Stittsville and Barrhaven as part of Stage 3. I also look forward to working on major city-building projects like the new Central Public Library, Zibi, the redevelopment of Lebreton Flats, and cleaning up the Ottawa River.
  • Hidden Gem in Ottawa: One of Ottawa’s most unique features is its vast geography. 82 % of Ottawa’s land is rural, agricultural and forestland, but we also have impressive suburban and urban cores. Ottawa is one of the cities in Canada where you can travel just 20 minutes from the excitement of downtown and go downhill skiing, visit a cranberry farm in Osgoode, learn about our history at the Cumberland Museum or explore the Diefenbunker Cold War Museum in Carp. Ottawa’s geography allows our residents to have the best of both worlds: a vibrant urban lifestyle and the beauty of the great outdoors just minutes away from home.