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Arthur David


  • Top Priority: The need for affordable housing is more important now than ever. With numerous development projects under way in the ward, it’s important to push for both inclusionary zoning to help reduce homelessness and to make sure residents have a say in what and where developers are building. 
  • Hidden gem in your ward: We have some of the best food places in our ward and the best part is: there are several of them! 

Jerry Kovacs


  • Top Priority: Big changes and development are coming to our neighbourhood. You need an effective advocate that listens to you and solves the problems on your street. It’s my priority to ensure that Somerset Ward continues to grow as a vibrant and affordable community for everyone who lives, works and plays here. I’m a lawyer with experience in municipal law and planning. I’ll use this experience to help us navigate the significant developments over the coming years, to help us grow in a positive way that respects our neighbourhoods, parks and green spaces. We’ll also stick to the 2% limit on tax increases - because your taxes are high enough.
  • Hidden gem in your ward: The hidden gem of Somerset Ward is all our friends and neighbours who live here to make it such a livable and vibrant community. The amount of volunteering and community pride shows, and is a wonderful welcome to the many visitors and tourists that visit us each year. 

Catherine McKenney (Incumbent)


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Merdod Zopyrus


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