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Erica Dath


  • Top Priority: The top priorities for Bay Ward in this election are responsible development that respects our communities and green spaces and traffic calming concerns.  
  • Hidden gem in your ward: There are many hidden gems in Bay Ward. I always make sure to take the time to admire the beauty of the neighbourhoods, with mature trees and beautiful green spaces.  The passion and pride of the residents can be seen and felt all over the ward.  

Don Dransfield


  • Top Priority: Being accessible to the public so that City decisions are made in partnership with local community associations, businesses and residents.
  • Hidden gem in your ward: Shirley’s Bay – it is an ideal spot to launch a kayak and have a picnic.

Theresa Kavanagh


  • Top Priority: The top priority for me in the election is reconnecting residents with their representatives.  I want to focus on improving community input and providing more communication with residents.  We need to do a better job of getting community input into the changes that we’ll see in Bay Ward in the near future like the next phase of LRT and how we will respect the needs of our unique neighbourhoods, preserve our greenspaces that make Bay Ward a great place to live, work and play.   We need to work harder to get  community input into decisions such as bus route changes.  The cuts to Route 11, a lifeline for seniors in our community who used the route to shop for groceries and  to get to seniors’ hubs and activities, were done without respect for the needs of the community.  Changes to approved development designs without community input or notice needs to end.  There shouldn’t be surprises like the change to the Glabar Park infill development from the approved 8 townhouses to a 97-room housing complex without the community having an opportunity to have input.
  • Hidden gem in your ward:Hands down, the number one hidden gem in Bay Ward is Mud Lake.  Its name doesn’t justify the beauty of this special place that’s right here in the middle of our city.  There’s so much wildlife – the numbers of species of birds makes it a birders’ paradise.  The wetlands are a small space – just 60 hectares – but a very special place.  And you would never know it’s there.  You go by on a bike path and see a small sign directing you down a small path towards Mud Lake.  And when you get there and this magical place unfolds, you can’t help but ask yourself how could no one have ever told me about this gem?

Marc Lugert


  • Top Priority:  Let our neighbours have a say again in the decision making process in their neighbourhood, ward and the city. Renewing our infrastructure, before it is too late. Providing OPS and rescue services (paramedics, fire)with the means to do their job to the fullest
  • Hidden gem in your ward: Our parks! Bay Ward has some of the best greenspace in Ottawa. Britannia Beach, Mud Lake, Frank Ryan Park etc. We have to do everything to protect them so we can enjoy them in the future.

Trevor Robinson


  • Top Priority: As the only returning candidate for councillor in Bay Ward (from the 2014 campaign) my priority is to convey to the residents of Bay Ward that I am in fact serious about seeking their vote; a common misconception where there is no incumbent is that often, candidates are simply taking the opportunity of an "easy ward"to run in. Beyond that, I wish to see an increased voter turnout; there are six potential days to vote, it would be nice to see turnout closer to 60% for example.
  • Hidden gem in your ward:As one of the city's largest urban wards (by area, Bay Ward is actually a little over half the size of the City of Vancouver)there are countless hidden gems in the ward. There are countless small businesses(new and old) such as Britannia Coffeehouse/Beachconers, Baja Burger Shack, Golden Palace, 19th Tee, Ashley Cottee Photography, Wong's Palace and Biagio's Italian Kitchen, just to quickly name a few.  Beyond that, Bay Ward has a number of historical and otherwise unique things to have in an urban ward.  This includes, but is not limited to one of the city's oldest beaches, countless green space (including a lake inside a conservation area),sailing/yacht clubs, rafting, campground, equestrian, a farm and even an apple orchard!