Steve Anderson

  • Top Priority: To fix the many things that are in disrepair (road potholes in same places year after year, sidewalks in terrible shape) or outdated and worn (sad benches, garbage cans), bleak (major roads bereft of any sort of vegetation or pleasing streetscape), were never installed in the first place (roundabouts, traffic lights, crosswalks, stop signs, lines on roads), inadequate (our bus routes, lack of transit infrastructure, lack of LRT funding) or socially behind the times (need off-leash dog areas).  Unlike the other candidates I believe we have been “fiscally conservative” for so long that we are falling behind the rest of Ottawa in terms of infrastructure.
  • Hidden gem in your ward: The new arrivals who may not yet be Canadian citizens (and who are unfortunately unable to vote), but who always seem so friendly and welcoming and curious about someone running in an election here.  Their children excitedly cluster at the front door, and are proud to translate for their parents.  It really is a heartwarming experience!

Mike Brown

(No response from candidate)

Allan Hubley (Incumbent)

  • Top Priority: Top priority is to continue the $100 million work on our infrastructure.
  • Hidden gem in your ward: Our hidden gem is our unique parks. We have butterfly gardens, outdoor exercise equipment, bamboo climbing jungle, many outdoor rinks and much more.

Doug Large 

  • TOP PRIORITY: My greatest objective is to initiate a complete analysis of management structure across all city departments with the aim of retraining or replacing managers who are underperforming. I have a first person account of disturbing trends within our city administration. Our staff is not working to their optimum levels because of management anxiety; fearful of reprisal.  We need to liberate our people to do great work on our behalf. A "re-org" is long overdue. I have experienced the refreshing breeze that wafts through the halls when people are set free to implement great ideas. This is a city wide issue, not just Kanata South. I'm in this for the Big Picture. 
  • Hidden gem in your ward: My hidden gem is in plain view; Our small piece of the Canadian Shield protected, thankfully, by the NCC Greenbelt. Let that be our guide. We are paving over every single scrap of land! This has to stop.