Martin Burger’s story of being injured behind the wheel is going viral. The Ottawa area driver says his face was severely cut and bruised when a flying chunk of ice shattered his windshield.

His personal account has now been shared more than 55,000 times since being posted on Facebook Saturday. It describes events that took place last Thursday.

Burger tells CTV’s Stefan Keyes he was driving his son back from vocal lessons in Arnprior and heading west towards Pembroke when it happened.

“I did look up a bit and I saw a chunk of ice flying,” says Burger. “I saw it coming towards our vehicle.”

His son was uninjured and managed to call 9-1-1 when Burger pulled over. Burger says paramedics were already nearby and able to respond quickly.

“I had a laceration on my right eye which took most of the impact," says Burger. He also has a significant gash on his forehead.

He says he is sharing his image and story so it may encourage drivers to take that extra five minutes to clear off their vehicles completely, including its roof.