Friends and family say Sheldon O’Grady died in hospital this morning after being stabbed several times in the abdomen outside a Gatineau night club at about 1:15 a.m. .

According to police, it happened outside the Hull-sector club Addiction on Promenade du Portage where a fight broke out inside the bar and ended up on the street.

"When we arrived here we immediately went to this young man to bring medical help to him," said Gatineau police Sgt. J.P. Lemay.

O'Grady was rushed to the Hull hospital in critical condition. 

Gatineau police confirm the 18-year-old from Ottawa died at 8 o’clock Saturday morning and consider this the municipality’s first murder of the year.

Police closed Promenade du Portage between Leduc and Laval streets for several hours as their investigation continued.

They interviewed numerous witnesses and potential suspects. As of Saturday afternoon, no charges had been laid.

Friends of O'Grady say he was a popular athlete well-known in Ottawa's soccer community. An outpouring of condolence continues to take place online via social media.


R.I.P Sheldon O Grady, my heart got out to you, your family, & loved ones. May god welcome you with open arms - @IceFlesh2

R.I.P to another beautiful soul, my cousin Sheldon O'Grady passed away last night my prayers go our to family. Only the good die young ❤- Shawnte

Days Rest in Paradise Sheldon O'Grady aka Soccer Freak. O:) @- Annabella.Kiki.H


R.i.p you deserved better than to die like this – Moussa Abdul-Hussein

Remind people everyday how much they mean to you, it's a feeling hard to deliver when they're gone. RIP Sheldon, you were truly one of a kind and shall be missed greatly by all. ♥ xoxo – Maaya De-Vreeze