A new report this week said that small business in Canada is spending more on technology. That means a big opportunity for firms like Maplesoft of Ottawa.

This week the CEO was named one of Canada's top 40 people under the age of 40. He aims to make Maplesoft a billion-dollar business.

Maplesoft determines what a company needs in the way of technology, then goes out and gets the equipment and then install it. Business has been booming, with sales of $70 million last year and on track for $100 million this year.

There's a target of a billion dollars in less than 20 years.

CEO Jody Campeau joined Maplesoft ten years ago. He took the company from a consulting firm to one that also offered tech solution products.

They have over 100 full-time employees after six expansions of their Ottawa offices, plus 700 contractors across North America. He and Carl Nappert were the two partners with the vision for a much bigger Maplesoft.

Management meetings often deal with community events. Campeau said he's convinced they help deliver the corporate success.

"It's key to everything we do," he said. "Our best resource is our people and we have been blessed that we can attract and keep the top talent. The big reason we keep them is because of our community involvement."

Campeau is a huge hockey fan and is also part owner of a US sports management firm with 80 NHL players under contract.

Nappert said the lessons of a good hockey team are also part of the corporate culture that propels Maplesoft.

"Of course hockey is part of what drives this company," he said. "But also taking the time to listen to our people to ask their opinion about how we do our business, that makes a huge difference."

Just like a hockey team becomes part of their community, Maplesoft does the same thing.

In Ottawa the biggest project yet was a $1.8 million donation for a cancer survivor's centre. Campeau says it is part of a strategy to help employees and their community.

"I think business has a great opportunity to do a lot more," he said. "We did the cancer Wellspring centre as a blueprint to show how it can be done."

Chief Technology Officer Jack Gulas came to Maplesoft from Oracle and said the involvement was why he came to the company.

"Maplesoft has very unique corporate culture and you see it in the passion people have for the job," he said.

Maplesoft is based in Ottawa and proud of that fact, also proud of the fact that their most recent acquisition was of a Toronto company and plans are well advanced for more expansion in Canada and in the United States.

On April 28th Campeau was named one of Canada's top 40 people under the age of 40 by the Globe and Mail.

He was recognized for his business success, his community involvement and for his firm belief that the two go hand in hand.

He said he was humbled to be recognized, and especially when he saw the rest of the list.

"It was not just business people, but doctors and scientists and people who have made a difference in this country," he said.