A local software company is doing its part to assists with relief efforts in Texas by offering their application InitLive, an event staff and scheduling tool, to volunteers looking to connect quickly in Houston and surrounding areas, free of charge.

The app is typically sold to large festivals in order to connect organizers and volunteers, or staff. The company said they have provided it to hundreds of volunteers in Texas, and are contacting the American Red Cross to provide access as well.  

“In Texas hundreds of people are showing up to help, with our technology they can let a manager know they’re on site, receive real-time messaging,” said Victoria McGlone, Director for Global Sales at InitLive.

“We’re sitting on this piece of technology that can actually really help hundreds of people down in Texas.”

McGlone said in Texas, every time a volunteer signs up to assist with relief efforts being organized by Keller William Realty, their information will be added into the shared app. When they are needed they can be scheduled, directed, and messaged over the app.

When the capital region was affected by the floods, McGlone said the company was not prepared to offer assistance. Now that they have the manpower to do so, they said Friday they made the decision to help however they could.

“Sometimes a business you focus so much on sales, you can lose the bigger picture, which is there are hundreds of people that can use this for help.”