Like many Ottawa residents, Lovedeep Singh and his family have been without power for days.

"Without electricity, there is no functioning," he said. "We cannot use our refrigerator, our stove our food expired now."

The Singh family moved to Ottawa six years ago from Halifax, settling in Nepean’s Parkwood Hills neighbourhood.

With no word on when the lights will come back on in their apartment, they've had to find alternatives to stay connected.

"During this time, we are charging our phones in the car," added his brother, Amandeep Singh.

They've had some help when it comes to food. The gurdwara, Ottawa’s only Sikh place of worship, is offering free food to anyone who needs it- despite not having power themselves.

"During the day they can stay here they can have food if they need food they can take out," said Manmohan Singh, the gurdwara's priest.

Despite the outage, nearly 2,000 people have been fed. Each day, volunteers through the Ottawa Sikh Society package takeout containers, driving out to people in Orléans, Kanata and Barrhaven.

A service they'll continue to offer until power is restored.

"If someone needs help, we go there," said volunteer Jugrah Singh.

As Singh and his relatives wait for the power to return, it's the small acts of kindness go a long way.

"That's what a person needs right? A comfort," said Singh. "So, it's like a comfort zone for us."