OTTAWA -- Ottawa has recorded its highest-ever daily increase in COVID-19 cases, with Ottawa Public Health reporting 93 new cases on Tuesday.

The previous record was 76 new cases, which the city recorded on April 29.

Provincial officials had earlier reported 90 new cases in Ottawa for Tuesday. The numbers sometimes slightly differ due to differences in reporting.

Three more people in the city have died from COVID-19, bringing the total death toll to 279 since the beginning of the pandemic.

Nearly 80 per cent of the new cases in Ottawa are among people under 40 years old.

Provincewide, there are 478 new lab-confirmed cases, the highest number reported since early May.

Active cases of COVID-19

There are 587 active cases of COVID-19 in Ottawa. That's the highest number since late April, when active cases reached a high of 673.

Ottawa Public Health reports 2,906 people have recovered after testing positive for COVID-19. Just under 79 per cent of all COVID-19 cases in Ottawa are considered resolved.

Ottawa Public Health has said the actual number of infections in the city could be between five and 30 times greater than the number of laboratory-confirmed infections.

There are 11 people being treated in Ottawa hospitals for COVID-19 related illnesses, including two in the Intensive Care Unit.

COVID-19 cases by age in Ottawa

Here is a breakdown of all known COVID-19 cases by age category:

  • 0-9 years old: 13 new cases (185 cases total)
  • 10-19 years-old: 17 new cases (322 cases total)
  • 20-29 years-old: 24 new cases (722 cases total)
  • 30-39 years-old: 19 new cases (512 cases total)
  • 40-49 years-old: Five new cases (467 cases total)
  • 50-59 years-old: Six new cases (460 cases total)
  • 60-69-years-old: Four new cases (343 cases total)
  • 70-79 years-old: One new case (240 cases total)
  • 80-89 years-old: Two new cases (305 cases total)
  • 90+ years old: Zero new cases (213 total)