It may be fall on the calendar but this weather is decidedly dead of summer. A heat warning continues in effect for much of Eastern Ontario as soaring temperatures continue to break records.

Last year on this very day, we hit a high of 17 degrees. That's halfway to where we got today and that's not even taking into account the humidity.

For some, it was the last blast of summer they had been hoping for.

For others, it meant stifling in steamy classrooms, dreaming about cooler weather.

For May McKinnis, this kind of weather calls for a cowboy hat, a bikini bottom and well, nothin' else.

“This is my riding outfit,” says McKinnis, who rides her bike topless, “It keeps him happy (she says, pointing to her husband, who is also shirtless) and I'm happy.”

It also prompts more than a few double takes.

“A lot of people on the trail are happy with what she wears,” says Walter McKinnis, “but it's more about comfort. If I can go without a shirt because it's hot out, why can't the ladies?”

It's not quite as simple a solution inside school portables. With no air conditioning, they become toaster ovens by mid-day. 11-year-old Adam Charter ought to know. He spent the morning in one at St. Cecilia School in Ottawa’s south west end.

“Luckily I sat near a fan so that kinda helped but it was really hot and some of the wasps came in,” he says.

“It was so hot you couldn't breathe,” adds 9-year-old Anthony Ianni.

Fortunately, the main building at St. Cecilia is air conditioned and so all the classes moved inside.

“If the humidex gets high and we want learning to keep going,” says St. Cecilia principal Andrea Green, “we change the conditions for students so that happens.”

Not all schools, though, have air conditioning. About half of Ottawa's Catholic schools have full air conditioning and about 40 percent of public schools,

The Elementary Teachers Federation is asking the government to set a maximum temperature which would mean shutting down schools in extreme heat.

And the fact is, this extreme heat is expected to last at least a couple more days, which for some is a bonus.

“It's amazing, it's so warm,” says one woman, “It felt like it was mid-summer.”

“I'm from Germany and they had 5 degrees there. I'm really loving this weather,” adds another woman.

For others, they're done with it.

“I always expect some heat in September,” says a woman jogging by, “We always get those few days but I didn't expect it to last this long and hit 30's for 4 consecutive days. I am looking forward to fall. I love fall.”

And fall typically means flying south. For Canadian geese gathered at Dow’s Lake, that's Northern Mexico. But why bother. It's hotter here. This extreme heat continues until at least Wednesday when a cold front moves in, bringing cooler weather on Thursday.