An Ottawa Senators fan is being celebrated for her tireless work supporting fellow kids with cancer.

Bria Roberts will be off to see the Ottawa Senators take on the Canucks next week in Vancouver, in the Air Canada Fan Flight experience, where winners are flown out to a game in a new city to see their favourite NHL team.

“I was really speechless. I didn’t really know what to think,” she says of the moment she was told.

Roberts says she has a special connection with the Sens.

At the age of 11, Roberts was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. While going through 70 rounds of chemotherapy at CHEO, she would attend every game she could at the Canadian Tire Centre.

In 2020, when she was cancer free, she rang her bell outside of the arena.

“They were like my other medicine and they really helped me stay positive through everything,” she explains. “They gave me positive energy and they’re all so nice there, and I developed another family.”

Roberts is one of eight winners this year of the Air Canada prize. She’ll fly out and be put up in a hotel to see the game.

The prize is given to those who have left a mark on their community.

Roberts raises money and awareness for cancer causes, including the Canadian Cancer Society and CHEO.

Her mom April Roberts says she wanted to help those in similar situations.

“She just wanted to help others,” April Roberts says. “(She said) ‘We’re going to use this tumor, to help other people get through what they’re going through and put a smile on someone else’s face.’”

Bill Ellam, the Ottawa Senators' director of security and guest services, nominated Roberts for the prize. Since meeting, they have become close friends, and he says she’s passionate about the team and helping others.

“She and her family are fantastic people,” he explains. “Honestly, I think Bria helps out more people than she actually realizes and I know I’m a different person because of this.“

With her new personalized jersey, Roberts says she’s happy to take her love of the Senators on the road to the west coast.

“I’ve never been there so I’m just excited for everything,” she says.