You might call Ottawa’s Paul Paquet the Capital’s trivia master.

He’s been running Ottawa’s Trivia League for the past 16 years.

“I went to one of the bars in town, just the pup night, they bit, and 16 years later it’s my full time job, amazingly enough,” he said.

Paquet hosts several of the league's roughly 20 weekly trivia pub nights, and comes up with all the questions.

They range from history to pop culture, to geography and everything in between.

“(I read) a lot of newspapers, a lot of magazines, and the internet is huge, I would not be able to do this without the internet,” he said.

He says the interest in trivia is thriving in the Capital.

“People get to remember things from TV shows when they were young, and if they happen to know explorers of New France, that might come up,” he said.

Ottawa’s trivia league has regular events throughout the week.

Paquet also writes a syndicated newspaper trivia column, and has written for quiz shows and Trivial Pursuit.