Those blue Ottawa street signs guiding you around the city are pretty easy to get – and we're not talking about climbing a pole armed with a wrench.

The City of Ottawa's sign shop sells street signs that have been replaced for $10 each.

You can buy anything from the street you share a name with, to legendary hockey players (Cyclone Taylor Boulevard) to singers (Paul Anka Drive).

"We have about. . . 250 signs right now," said Lawrence Dunks with the City of Ottawa.

He said some people come by to pick up the street they grew up on, or retired street names.

"People are thrilled," he said. "People love them."

And it's more legal than the age-old tradition of stealing signs under the cover of darkness – it's partially for that reason that High Street signs don't last for very long.

You can see the list of signs currently available here.

With a report from CTV's Graham Richardson