Ottawa’s first, and only, permanent roller coaster is now officially open.

Funhaven, in the city’s west end, has launched the Crazy 8.

It’s a small, indoor ride designed and manufactured in Italy, specifically tailored to fit inside the amusement centre. “It was a squeeze,” says Elaine Scovill, Funhaven’s General Manager. “We had a couple of opitons from the architects but I definitely think that we chose the best one.”

The track is just 72 feet long, 35 feet wide, and 17 feet tall.

Despite its small stature, the Crazy 8 offers a more exciting ride than its size might suggest. It’s known as a spin coaster. Each car in the ride freely rotates, adding a random twist to every turn. The ride includes seven laps of the figure-eight track and each lap can be a different experience.

Picture a ‘tea cup’ ride sitting on a roller coaster.

“I had a blast,” says Sarah McCaffrey who, along with her daughter, was among the first to try the ride. “I was not expecting it.”

What really sets the Crazy 8 apart is that it is not only Ottawa’s newest roller coaster it is the city’s first and only permanent roller coaster. “That was one of the things that made us decide, you know what, this is something we really should do,” says Scovill. “Ottawa deserves a roller coaster and we're happy to be able to bring it to everyone."

Children as young as 4 can ride it. A single ride costs $8, less if combined with a Funhaven package.