The swollen Ottawa River peaked on Thursday in the capital region.

The Ottawa River Regulating Committee says the river peaked in the areas of Lac Deschenes/Britannia, the Hull Marina, Thurso and Grenville/Hawkesbury.

On Thursday, the City of Ottawa also reduced its call for volunteers, urging them to rest this weekend. Since April 19, nearly 15,000 residents volunteered to help fill more than 1.5 million sandbags. 

Over the coming weekend, the city says a limited number of volunteers will be needed to lift and move filled sandbags at the Dunrobin Community Centre. Volunteer sites in Cumberland and Britannia will be closed until further notice. 

A state of emergency in Ottawa remains in effect. On Tuesday, the city issued a voluntary evacuation order for 150 homes on Bayview Drive in Constance Bay after the swollen Ottawa River flooded the road.

As of Thursday, 155 households have self-evacuated and city emergency services have conducted 849 wellness checks.