OTTAWA -- Water levels are expected to rise following Monday’s heavy rain, but the Ottawa River Regulation Planning Board doesn’t expect to see a repeat of last year’s spring flooding through the Ottawa-Gatineau region.

A Flood Watch was issued over the weekend for the Ottawa River between Arnprior and Hawkesbury due to the heavy rain in the forecast.

Speaking on CTV News at Six, Ottawa River Regulation Secretariat Michael Sarich said residents shouldn’t worry about a repeat of last year’s record flooding in Ottawa and Gatineau.

“Certainly at this point we’re not looking at that kind of record year by any means.”

Instead, water levels are expected to rise to levels seen two years ago along the Ottawa River through the Ottawa-Gatineau area.

 “Currently, we’re looking at levels going up to about what we had in 2018, or even if we go a little further back, 2008 were similar years,” said Sarich.

The Ottawa River Regulation Planning Board warned over the weekend that water levels will rise following Monday's heavy rainfall, with flows exceeding minor flood levels.

The minor flood level is defined as the level at which parts of some streets, lawns and parks are beginning to flood, with no or few houses and buildings affected by water levels.

Ottawa received 10 to 15 millimetres of rain by 1 p.m. on Monday, with more expected through the evening.

Sarich tells CTV News at Six the precipitation was expected, and it will cause water levels to rise slightly along the Ottawa River.

“For the most part today, all levels are right around what we’d anticipate as an average spring level, so we’re going to put a little more increase on top of that.”

Sarich does say water levels are currently expected to remain below major flood thresholds in all locations this spring.

The City of Ottawa has placed filled sandbags at strategic locations throughout low-lying areas along the Ottawa River.

Filled sandbags are located at:

  • Cumberland
  • Armitage Avenue
  • Bayview Drive
  • Albirch Road at Ballie Avenue
  • Creekside at Maclaren’s Side Road
  • Willola Beach, Moorhead
  • Lighthouse at Logger’s Way

Sand and empty bags are located at the following locations (Residents are asked to bring their own shovels)

  • 29 Hurdman Road
  • 1683 Woodward Drive
  • 911 Industrial Avenue
  • 2035 Trim Road
  • 2145 Roger Stevens Drive
  • 4244 Rideau Valley Drive
  • 1159 Moodie Road at Dibblee Road
  • 2941 March Road
  • 4127 John Shaw
  • 1655 Maple Grove Road