An Ottawa restaurant owner is refusing to take foie gras off his menu despite 40 days of protest from an animal rights group.

"My point is being made. These people are getting more and more frustrated with me. These people have run into a juggernaut of a restaurant that is stubborn in a very polite way," said Charles Beauregard, owner of Canvas Resto-Bar.

The Ottawa Animal Defense League has already succeeded at getting the delicacy removed from the menus of at least four Ottawa restaurants.

Foie gras is usually produced by force-feeding ducks -- a process called gavaging -- to enlarge their livers.

The group, which says the dish is cruel and inhumane, has organized protests outside Canvas Resto-Bar 40 times in the last two and a half months.

Still, the restaurant's owner refuses to take foie gras off his menu. He says his customers dictate what's on the menu, not protesters.

"There's no way that I can take this off of the menu at this point," Beauregard told CTV Ottawa.

Foie gras, which translates to "fatty liver," dates back thousands of years and is a regular feature on menus of many French restaurants.